What is a timed game?

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

There are times when there are a lot of teams signed up to play in a tournament and not enough courts to allow games to be played without a time limit. At these times, the tournament director can put a time limit on the games; usually 45 minutes. All games start on all courts at the same time so only one time clock will determine the end of those games. When games are timed, the tournament director will announce when the games are approaching the time limit about 5 minutes before time actually runs out.

When time runs out, all games are allowed to continue play until the frame in which time is called is finished. No new frames may be started after time has been called. The winner of the game is the team who has the most points when time is called.

When the game is tied, a one-roll playoff is played. Each team picks his best player to roll a single ball at the pallino, with the closest ball to the pallino winning the game for that team.

Sometimes a coin is tossed to determine who rolls the pallino and first ball. This allows an advantage to the team who might know the weakness of the other team; what is the place on the court the other team has the most trouble with. To avoid what might be considered an unfair advantage, the tournament director will throw the pallino, with the team who won the coin toss the first roll after the pallino has been placed.

In most cases, even though all the games leading up to the two team final may be timed, the final match is allowed to be played without a time limit. 


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