What is the official size for balls?

Posted by bmedia on Wednesday, October 17, 2018

Volo balls range from 90 to 110 mm in diameter and 900 to 1200 gms. in weight depending on a players’ preference.  Women and children (under 14) can use smaller and lighter balls with a minimum diameter of 88 mm and 800 gms.  A Volo pallino must be made of wood and be 35 to 37 mm in diameter. Raffa balls 107 mm in diameter and weigh 920 gms.  A Raffa pallino is made of plastic, 40 mm in diameter, and weighs 60 gms. 

USBF Open Rules require that balls be 107 mm and 920 grams in size and weight. Women and children may use 106 mm and 900 grams in size and weight, but men must use the larger 107/920 balls.


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