Gold: Highwood B Bombers

Silver: Better Late Than Never

Bronze: Roma Lodge

Bronze: Ope!

Gold: Amy Lazzaretti and Lauren McDermott

Silver: Teresa Passaglia and Paola Perrelli

Bronze: Jessie Morris and Peyton Bockholt

Bronze: Vanessa Garipppo and Courtney Strickland

Gold: Teresa Passaglia and Nick Imo

Silver: Courtney Strickland and Anthony LaBarbera

Bronze: Vanessa Garippo and Julian Batula

Bronze: Jessie Morris and Milan Tomic

Gold: Lio Giannotti and Miles Russell

Silver: Maurizio Perrelli and Anthony LaBarbera

Bronze: Frankie Ostello and Andy Zimmerman

Bronze: Todd Mikell and Jorge Moreno

Gold: Courtney Strickland

Silver: Margaret Shindelus

Bronze: Lisa Watson

Bronze: Lauren McDermott

Gold: Miles Russell

Silver: Tim Tolari

Bronze: Anthony Capogreco

Gold: Forza Italia

Silver: BANT

Bronze: Show Me La Carambola!

Bronze: The Ohio Brothers