2023 USBF National Championship is Awarded to Highwood Bocce Club

(Press Release from Highwood Bocce Club President, Tom Holleman)

The Highwood Bocce Club is proud to be hosting the USBF National Championships for the fourth time. Our board, players, membership, and city are all looking forward to welcoming our country’s best bocce players and providing them all with a wonderful tournament and experience. Save the dates for the week of June 19-23, 2023.

Planning and preparation has begun and we look forward to building on the success of previous Nationals.

We believe Highwood’s central location and established reputation will attract high participation from all our USBF member Clubs, and we hope to enlist some new Clubs to participate from previously under-represented regions/areas. This paired with an incredibly enthusiastic and talented group of players from Highwood, we believe our overall participation will be greater than ever.

With the new requirement of match time limits, we believe keeping tournament schedules predictable and reasonable for our participants and spectators is an achievable goal this year and are committed to it. We also anticipate being able to provide enhanced online reporting and updates on tournament and match status to individuals following from afar or even participants on site.

Predictable schedules paired with record interest does mean we will have to establish some limits on team entry by Club or region to ensure balanced representation across the country. This will not materially affect most Clubs, and will likely have the most impact to our own Highwood/Chicago teams. We appreciate your understanding and patience as we work through the details of this implementation. Obviously as more details are available we will keep everyone updated.

We look forward to seeing you all in Highwood!