2024 Women’s Singles Punto Raffa Volo Championship Results

Courtney Strickland. Wow! Incredible! Congratulations for winning the 2024 Women’s Singles PRV Bocce National Championship. Courtney also won Gold this week with Anthony LaBarbera in the Mixed Doubles Championship, and they finished 2nd together in 2023. Both hail from Greater Chicago and play at Mazzini Verdi and Highwood Bocce Club. In addition, Courtney was the Precision Raffa Shooting Champion in 2023.

The runner up is Teresa Passaglia. Teresa has been a fantastic player for 2-plus decades and used to play out of the Highwood Bocce Club as well, before going to Florida. Honorable mention goes to Brigid Reidy and Martha Crosley who won the Bronze Medals.

Gold: Courtney Strickland – Chicagoland, IL

Silver: Teresa Passaglia – Tampa, FL

Bronze: Brigid Reidy – Chicagoland, IL

Bronze: Martha Crosley – Northern CA