Campo di Bocce Steps Up to the Pan American Table

(article submitted by Alan Knox)

Campo di Bocce, established 1997, and famous for hosting National Tournaments, multiple annual charity events, and the infamous Madden/Mariucci Charity Tournament (now Coach Mooch Bocce Tournament), has stepped way forward, beyond expectations, and covered the travel cost of all four members of this year’s USA Pan American team that played this past November in Uruguay.

The USBF was able to cover room, board and nice uniforms that fit. No tailor visits. Paolo Pro and Alan Knox are members of Campo di Bocce and sponsored by Campo at this past summer’s USBF Nationals. However, Jorge Moreno and Gordon Gruenes are from the Chicago area. Gordon is a member of Highwood Bocce Club. A really nice gesture for a bocce business to cover nonmember’s travel costs.

The team is especially grateful for the advocacy and support of Ben Musolf, Campo di Bocce’s C.O.O. Without Ben, we would be selling candy bars door-to-door. Thanks Ben, from all of us and our wives, the accountants.