Palazzo di Bocce Gets Ready to Host an International Bocce Invitational in July 2022

(Press Release by Palazzo di Bocce)

Palazzo di Bocce is hosting a bocce tournament like no other. International Rules, multiple countries and the Best of the Best Bocce athletes in the world!

The event is offering a chance for spectators to see how the game is authentically played.
The sport of bocce is special on many fronts; any age can play, low risk of injury, mental
exercise entertainment, inexpensive and allows a team of individuals to strive for

The tournament will take place Thursday, July 21st – Saturday, July 23rd. We are
encouraging everyone to bring family and friends, young or old to cheer for Palazzo

players Jason and Jose who will represent Team USA. Jason and Jose have been and will
continue practicing intensely because they want to win 1st place for themselves, for
Palazzo di Bocce, for Lake Orion, Oakland County and for the USA!

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